Gsmarthub Platform

Getting Started

Applying is super easy and fast. After clicking the button below, you will be redirected to our
Google Forms, where you will submit your application.

The Steps

What Happens after I applied?

There are a few steps after you have applied. Generally, it takes less than two weeks to deploy your (entire) environment. During the “reach out” process, your point of contact will discuss further details about what’s next.

Need Help?

After we have received your application, our verification team will review your application and university. This can take up to 48 hours.

One of our ambassadors will reach out to you by email or phone. This will also be your future point of contact. The ambassador will discuss the further next steps and the estimation of deployment.

During this meeting, you can ask any further questions you might have! This process takes up to 2 days.

The most exciting part has come to the onboarding process! This is when your environment will be deployed and customized to your previous requests, such as branding logos and colors and other minor customizations. 

During this process, we will also either migrate or add your students. Together with your IT department (or point of contact), we will set everything up the way you would like. Communication is critical during this process!

Depending on the size of your institution and customization request, this takes up to 3 days.

Your environment is up and running; your students can log in, staff can create courses.. everything is set and ready! In the next few days and weeks, we will stay in close contact to discuss the next steps and improve the portal even further.

Add Students. Not Extra Work.

Setup is faster and simpler with Gsmarthub. Allowing you to easily assign students and employees.


next week





is as easy as


Security for every student.
Privacy for everybody.

Gsmarthub has been a trusted technology provider for several organizations, and we take our responsibilities as a platform and innovator seriously. We also understand the value of partnership, learning from one another, being transparent, and most importantly, backing up our words with our actions.