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As Gsmarthub worked on projects across the globe, we created an online community platform that reinvented the student portals for institutions. By creating a community platform where students can learn more about the UN SDGs and debate what’s happening across the globe, we brought learning and connecting tools to a safe and unique place. Away from the noise.

During this development, we noticed that many institutions reached out to us about e-learning-related questions and if Gsmarthub also offered any e-learning services. We gathered all these requests and introduced an entirely new NGO service; Managed Moodle Services. That’s how Gsmarthub Education was born.

Our services derive from genuine learning needs that impact millions of students. If students can’t access and engage with the right learning tools, they can’t reach their potential. 

Education Impact
Brought by the Man Up Campaign

About The Man Up Campaign

Announced at the Clinton Global Initiative in September 2009 in collaboration with Vital Voices Global Partnership, Man Up is a global campaign to activate youth to stop violence against women and girls.

Our call to action challenges each of us to “man up” and declare that violence against women and girls must end.

The Man Up Campaign movement has continued

By convening our youth delegates in summits and conferences, and in forming chapters. These youth champions are engaging their peers to bring gender equality and inclusiveness to their own communities.

In order to break the cycle of trauma unabated violence against women and girls bestows on individuals, families, communities, and societies, Man Up Campaign was created to give young people a voice in developing models of change that truly address this issue.

Primary ways we connect with other people

These are also ways we experience life, transmit and share culture. More importantly, messages about gender, societal expectations, and our identities are passed down to us in these and other forms.

The Man Up Campaign is partnering with young men and women around the world by providing training, resources, and support to youth-informed initiatives.

Youth & Gender Leadership Summits

Since our Inaugural Man Up Campaign Summit at the World Cup 2010 Man Up Campaign we have been activating and inspiring youth leaders and supporting them and encouraging them in their further education on gender and innovating tools to engage their concern and passion.

They gather to launch their grassroots projects they take the next step in their community by building equity, inclusion, and opportunity as the foundation to address the causes of gender-based violence which and lay a foundation to end gender-based. We are proud of their impact reaching hundreds of thousands through their projects to end gender-based violence. We look forward to partnering with you to create regional and national summits.

Real Challenge Program

A leadership-developed manual on how to take on gender-based violence through designing and implementing a project with a team composed of both youth of mixed gender focusing Sustainable Development Goals especially goal five gender equality through youth and gender lens and personal development through one's Champions Journey.

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Man Up Campaign actively participated in meetings on creating the SDGs since Rio+20 and since their creation participated in the UNGA, HLPF in collaboration with the Major Groups: The Major Group of NGOs, Major Group on Youth & Adolescents, Major Group on Women, to bringing the youth and gender lens to bear the implementation and review of the goals.

Inclusive Community

Give people the power to build and bring the world closer together

The all-in-one community platform from Gsmarthub that securely combines educational content, resources, global topics, and institutional intranet within an inclusive community. Think Facebook & LinkedIn, but better—without ads.

Included within our services.

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When our team provides design and digital marketing. Applied arts can include industrial design, graphic design, fashion design, and the decorative arts which traditionally includes craft objects.

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    Stephanie is a creative artist and founding partner, providing smart & flexible digital services.

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