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Gsmarthub offers digital services in support of activists, advocates, education sectors, experts and organizations to strengthen gender equality, human rights and SDG Topics.

Through strong partnerships, we work to create a global movement of change by creating a community that nurtures meaningful connections.

United in our cause, we strive for a world shaped by peace and solidarity, free from any discrimination, inequality, or violence. Do you share our values? We’d love to discuss a partnership.

We are a small but powerful team with an international support network of activists, advocates, and experts in the areas of gender equality, human rights, and all Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. We partner with international NGOs, grassroots organizations, civil society movements, the private sector, and individuals to work together for a sustainable world.


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Membership for Organizations

Share stories, projects, news and opinions on topics related to gender equality, human rights and the Sustainability Development Goals with our global audience. Receive an publisher account on gsmarthub, editorial support and mentorship. Learn more and apply here.

Partner on Engaging Digital Content

Create strong and engaging relationships with our conscious and global audience. As a social enterprise, where our values are non-negotiable, we look to partner with organizations and companies that share these core values. Whether it is sponsoring a topic on our online platform, or co-developing a content series.




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Our Partner Support Team is here for you 24/7 to help you through the platform. Use our Partner Center, a resource center to help you through the process.

Got more questions?

We’ve compiled a list of our frequently asked questions below.
Yes! We believe in creating an impactful and inclusive platform that can be used for free, including for organizations and universities. No hidden costs or “use now, pay later”. Gsmarthub is free forever.

Universities bring enormous value to gsmarthub through the expertise, passion, and inspiration within their networks around the world. We love to publish:

  • Voices, stories, and perspectives through first-person articles: 
  • Accounts of recent political/social/cultural events and movements
  • Expert opinions from leaders in the organization/field, including through interviews. 
  • Information articles about gender equality, human rights, or other topics that we support in under-reported/under-represented parts of the world. 

 We encourage using different forms of digital media and publish videos, podcasts, and photoblogs.  

We provide a publishing guide that you can use when writing content.

No. At gsmarthub, we believe that great privacy rests on great security. We use administrative, technical, and physical safeguards to protect the personal data of our users, taking into account the nature of the personal data and the processing. We are constantly working to improve on these safeguards to help keep your personal data secure.

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