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Gsmarthub was built to bring people closer to topics they find interesting and build impactful global relationships. By becoming a Bloggers, you will benefit from the exposure and the engagement with this community, helping bring your stories and blogs to life. And our Gsmarthub team of experts is always here to give you a helping hand! 

Why gsmarthub?

Our goal at gsmarthub is to work together with organizations around the globe and connect them with trailblazing creators and students.

By becoming a Blogger, you will contribute to building this community of do-gooders, you’ll get the opportunity to broaden the reach of your initiatives, all while building up your portfolio and credibility, plus guidance from our gsmarthub team.

How to become a Blogger

To become a blogger, we ask you to apply through the button below. After filling in the form, a Gsmarthub Representative will reach out to you.
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After applying as a blogger, we recommend you to create a account. So we can assign the correct blogging permissions after we've reached out to you.
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Share what matters most

  • Our Forums offer a wide range of topics, including all the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations, allowing your organization to Create A Post within a relevant category. 
  • With our Publisher features, you have access to our unique Newsroom area
  • Your posts allow you to start a Discussion, or to share an Article.

You will also have the possibility to Start a New Topic within your area of expertise and get the conversation going.

Amplify your reach

  • Get your content on our Newsroom page. If one of your posts generated a lot of engagement, it will automatically be moved to our Featured category. You can also submit articles that you would like to highlight.
  • Use RSS feeds to fetch content from your blog.
  • Use our powerful SEO tools, which synchronize with our Google Ad Campaigns and broaden your reach on a global level.

The Resources Center serves as a community notice board where organizations can inform users about new projects, volunteering opportunities, fundraising requests and more.

Engage with the community

  • Users can Comment and React to your post, kickstarting a conversation with your Organization as well as community members.
  • Get real-time feedback from the gsmarthub community by creating a Poll or asking a Question through your posts.
  • Be part of the conversation by either hosting or joining an Event.

Get help from our experts

We're here to help

Our Partner Support Team is here for you 24/7 to help you through the platform. Use our Partner Center, a resource center to help you through the process.

Got more questions?

We’ve compiled a list of our frequently asked questions below.

Yes! We believe in creating an impactful and inclusive platform that can be used for free, including for organizations and universities. No hidden costs or “use now, pay later”. Gsmarthub is free forever.

Bloggers bring enormous value to gsmarthub through the expertise, passion, and inspiration within their networks around the world. We love to publish:

  • Voices, stories, and perspectives through first-person articles: 
  • Accounts of recent political/social/cultural events and movements
  • Expert opinions from leaders in the organization/field, including through interviews. 
  • Information articles about gender equality, human rights, or other topics that we support in under-reported/under-represented parts of the world. 

 We encourage using different forms of digital media and publish videos, podcasts, and photoblogs.  

We provide a publishing guide that you can use when writing content.

Yes! Just submit a ticket or reach out to a staff member. We will connect your existing blog with our systems through our powerful RSS feed!

Of course! We love supporting everyone that follows our mission, whether you are from the US, Argentina, Netherlands, or any other country. As long as you are aligned with our mission, we encourage you to apply.

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