Moodle is pleased to announce its newest Moodle Certified Service Provider in Austria, think modular. A digital learning agency based in Vienna, think modular has a strong technical team and large network of consultants delivering eLearning projects across the globe. With a focus on open-source collaboration, think modular extends Moodle functionality with a track record of delivering unique and creative online learning client solutions.

“A partnership with Moodle allows us to provide better and more sustainable services to our customers. At the same time, as digital innovators, we look forward to providing our input and development to the Moodle ecosystem,” says Gerald Henzinger, Managing Director.

Rising demands of digital learning

As virtual learning becomes a commodity in organisations and companies around the world, the demands for innovation, infrastructure and content for learning increase significantly. To meet these demands, think modular delivers an end-to-end Moodle-based LMS solutions by providing complete services from consulting, plugin development, course development, to infrastructure hosting. Solutions are carefully tailored to the client’s needs, creating a more meaningful learning experience.

“Our clients’ main challenges and opportunities are diverse user groups, from a technological and economical standpoint. On that account, our solutions are also diverse, starting from offline content provision, up to high-end video content provision. Demand for digital learning continues to be strong for most sectors due to the pandemic.”

An impressive track record

Think modular has assisted the key Austrian digital initiative,, in designing and building a robust Moodle online learning installation. The site hosts more than 1 million registered users across more than 1000 schools. To facilitate communication among users, think modular utilises seamless integration between Moodle and BigBlueButton, where teachers and students from different schools can easily connect with each other via the open-source video conferencing tool.

The company has assisted the African Union Commision in integrating Moodle with Drupal, combining two open-source systems into one integrated and seamless experience. This results in a fully digitalised education and training platform that hosts both formal and informal learning. Clients report the design and usability choices make the learning experience easy and fun.

Non-governmental organisations such as Caritas Wien, one of the largest NGO in Austria, rely on think modular to develop robust Moodle instances, seamlessly integrating internal IT environments for thousands of end-users.

Other key customers include Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH, African Union Mechanism for Police Cooperation (AFRIPOL), Africa Center for Disease control and Prevention (Africa CDC), Jordan Water Authority, Kirchlich Pädagogische Hochschule Wien/Krems, and Berndorf Metall- & Bäderbau GmbH.

“When we implement eLearning, we put the user and their technical, economical, and organisational circumstances, processes and needs at the core of our attention. We first need to understand the use case. This empowers us and our customers to provide significant and effective solutions. Creating meaningful and sustainable digital learning requires a good composition of didactics, technology, content/media, and organisation. When implementing digital learning projects, we look at all these components and bring these together to generate motivating learning experiences. When we do this, we assure sustainability using open-source technology.” 

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