Founded in 2010, Dynamic Pixel is a leading eLearning organisation in India, providing services from installation to customisation of Moodle LMS. Dynamic Pixel also develops comprehensive and gamified eLearning courses, allowing educators and enterprises to provide a quality learning experience. At the core of Dynamic Pixel is their mission to use innovative solutions and technology to facilitate effective learning. 

We are happy to announce that Dynamic Pixel has become a Moodle Certified Service Provider in the Moodle Partner network.

Udit Khandelwal, CEO of Dynamic Pixel Multimedia Solutions, said, “The more we have explored Moodle, the more admiration we have for this open source LMS. Dynamic Pixel strives to find innovative and technologically driven solutions to their client’s eLearning needs. Moodle’s secure and scalable platform, plugins, and flexibility to suit the client’s requirements are greatly aligned with this mission. Becoming a Certified Moodle Partner is very rewarding for us.”

Creating an easy-to-use eLearning environment

The eLearning landscape in India has changed dramatically during the last two years. During the Covid-19 pandemic students were required to study online, and effective eLearning solutions became crucial to a successful learning experience. There has also been an effort under the Indian New Education Policy to increase the gross enrolment ratio (GER) in India to 100% in preschool to secondary level by 2030 and gross enrolment ratio in Higher Education, including vocational education, from 26.3% in 2018 to 50% by 2035.

The transition to eLearning has posed challenges for those who are not technologically literate and may have been forced to shift from traditional methods to eLearning with a lack of appropriate training. With these challenges in mind, Dynamic Pixel has embraced Moodle’s solutions to provide an easy-to-use eLearning environment, gamification, training resources, and interactive content to ensure that every learner has a positive learning experience. 

Dynamic Pixel has developed more than 5000 hours of eLearning content, delivering high quality, customised and timely projects to meet the individual needs of the clients. They have created custom eLearning content for clients such as the World Health Organisation, Tanishq, Safexpress, Brilloca Limited, and Vibgyor Schools.

Helping employees thrive in the workplace

In India, Dynamic Pixel has seen many medium and large scale organisations prioritise their employees workplace education and development. This training is not limited to induction, processes, and product knowledge, but also soft skills that help employees thrive in the workplace. 

With eleven years of experience, Dynamic Pixel has provided Moodle services and developed custom content for more than 100 organisations. These organisations include Dorset, Pfizer, Google.Org, and Wisechamps.

The growing focus on employee development has also called for a shift from a traditional education setting to the flexibility and self-paced training of eLearning. “There is a high demand for gamified and interactive eLearning content to increase learner engagement. This does not only apply to educational institutions; enterprises are also looking to gamify their learning management systems,” explained Udit Khandelwal.

Dynamic Pixel views the growing use of eLearning in India, within an educational and workplace environment, as an opportunity to redefine standards. For Dynamic Pixel, this is an opportunity to make improvements in customer support, provide more competitive plans, and deliver innovative eLearning content.

Udit Khandelwal said, We are excited to continue our work with Moodle. We have already been providing Moodle services and have received many opportunities thanks to this. Becoming a Certified Moodle Partner motivates us to keep our standards as high as Moodle’s. We are also inspired by Moodle’s mission and becoming a Certified Moodle Partner means that we can contribute towards that success journey.”

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