Edu Labs is a leading eLearning services provider in Colombia, Mexico and Ecuador, with a track record of success implementing Moodle based solutions for institutions and organisations across the educational, corporate and public sectors in the region. 

We are pleased to announce that Edu Labs has become a Moodle Premium Certified Service Provider in the Moodle Partner network. 

CEO and Founder of Edu Labs, Juan Sáenz said, “For Edu Labs, becoming a Certified Premium Moodle Partner means a lot in many ways. First, it cements our commitment to our customers and Moodle. This new status as a Premium Partner means that we are a company that offers the highest quality eLearning services to the education and workplace learning sectors.. 

“It has also provided us with an opportunity to evaluate and improve our internal processes and it is a recognition for our 11 years of experience helping our clients implement their eLearning projects with the Moodle LMS platform.” 

Equal access to high-quality education

Edu Labs offers comprehensive online learning solutions that allow organisations to build personalised virtual learning platforms. This includes providing a full suite of Moodle-based services including consulting, hosting, customisation, certified Moodle integrations, support, training, and more to support customers in every step of their eLearning project. 

For Edu Labs, open source technology is a way to close the gaps in access to high-quality education in the region. Edu Labs works with clients across Latin America and the Caribbean, such as the Externado University of Colombia and the American University of Puerto Rico. As well as Heel Colombia and One Link BPO in the corporate sector. 

With more than ten years of experience, a highly qualified team, and more than 1,000 eLearning projects developed for the most highly-recognised Latin American and Caribbean organisations, Edu Labs guarantees the high standards of services for each eLearning project.

Realising the potential of Moodle LMS

Across Latin America and the Caribbean, supply and demand of online learning programs is increasing dramatically and institutions are seeking to make the most of Moodle LMS to create a better online learning experience. 

Juan Sáenz said, “Before the Covid-19 pandemic, most of the institutions and organisations in our region used to see online learning as a complement to on-site education and there were many fears surrounding online learning, mostly regarding its quality and limitations. The pandemic transformed this perception as the effectiveness of eLearning became better understood and customers began to see online learning as an increasingly effective way to teach and train learners and improve learning outcomes.” 

Edu Labs helps customers who are realising the potential of LMS to establish their eLearning project and implement new trends, such as gamification, virtual reality and mobile learning to improve learning engagement.

Opportunities abound with Moodle Workplace

Within the region, organisations are increasingly investing in online learning to train and upskill their employees. Not only does this benefit employee onboarding, it contributes to engaging employees and maximising employee training outcomes. 

In the context of workplace learning, organisations are looking for cutting-edge technology that has a wide range of advanced functionalities such as process tracking tools, custom reports, digital badges and certifications, and educational resources. 

As a Moodle Premium Partner, Edu Labs can respond to the demands of the workplace learning sector through providing the market access to Moodle Workplace, Moodle’s customisable enterprise learning management platform. 

“Achieving premium status and the ability to market Moodle Workplace is a reflection of Edu Labs commitment to qualityand experience as a company. We are proud to have the opportunity to represent Moodle as a Premium Partner in Colombia, Ecuador and Mexico,” said Juan Sáenz.

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