Starting a new job is a time filled with anticipation, excitement, and a small dose of nervousness. You know that there is an adaptation period and potentially some challenges to face, but hope that your knowledge, onboarding, manager and co-workers will help you overcome them and move forward.

I have now been working at Moodle since March 2022 and can happily say that I have received all of this support and more.

Prioritising mental health and well-being

The topic of employee benefits and salary is not always as straightforward as it seems. Some benefits are unsurprising, such as private health insurance or employee training, but it is still unfortunately uncommon for companies to think about mental health and well-being. 

That is why Moodle’s global benefits came as such a welcome surprise. Moodle has implemented innovative human resources policies to support the mental health and well-being of employees. These policies range from Recharge Days off for employee self-care to a bonus that is added to the payroll to be spent on benefits, such as a Wellbeing Bonus and a Work from Anywhere Bonus.

The Recharge Days are added to the employee’s annual leave, as well as the possibility of extending the weekend and even having your birthday off. While these may seem like small gestures, they add up and I greatly appreciate them. I know that if I am feeling tired or that I can’t give my 100% at work that I can take these days to recharge my batteries.

Opportunities for growth

This isn’t all. Thanks to the company-wide telecommuting policy, I can work from wherever I want with flexible timing. This leaves me with more ability to travel, visit friends and family, and above all work in lovely places near my home to stay motivated. 

I love that Moodle cares not only about my mental health and well-being, but also developing my career in a pleasant and positive environment. In addition to creating a full development plan, they invest in training for us to grow and develop our roles to the fullest.

It is very important when choosing a job to consider not only the salary and the position, but also the benefits and ability to develop in the company. Since we spend on average eight hours of our day working, these measures make a positive difference to make sure employees not only work well but feel good while doing so. 

I have been working for almost six months now at Moodle and I believe it has been the best choice for me. I certainly plan to enjoy these benefits to the fullest and know that I will not miss out on any opportunity for growth, well-being and self-care.