Moodle welcomes Near-Life as our newest Certified Integration Partner! 

Founded in 2013, Near-Life is an easy-to-use platform that lets educators and learning professionals quickly make interactive video, VR and gamified content. With Near-Life, educators and learning professionals can share immersive Moodle LMS experiences that are more engaging, more memorable, and more impactful.

Engage learners with interactive video and VR content

Near-Life’s goal is to facilitate accessible interactive content creation, making learning experiences in Moodle more memorable. Through Near-Life, educators and learning professionals can create simple quizzes to complex simulations, make content more immersive by providing learners a VR video experience with 180 and 360 video, and make parts of the video interactive and have people interact directly with objects and images. 

“We’re incredibly proud to be partnering with Moodle, the world’s most popular LMS. Our interactive video and VR authoring tool integrates seamlessly with the Moodle platform using LTI technology. Our aim is to support Moodle users across the globe: helping them create and share immersive content for their learners, quickly and easily,” says Mike Todd, CEO of Near-Life.

Moodle’s Technology Partner Manager, Carles Aguiló Collado, says, The fact that Moodle is open-source generates a myriad of ways through which users interact with it. New activity types are one of the most popular additions to Moodle, and thanks to them, partners are continuously pushing the limits of what is possible to do in Moodle.

“Near-Life creates video scenarios where the user is prompted to take actions, generating a visual “create your own adventure” type of activity. I can hardly think of more engaging, memorable items than those generated in this manner.”

Create impactful content

One example of Near-Life’s mission to support impactful content is their recent partnership with the Norwegian Refugee Council to help deliver a new, interactive learning project to support the humanitarian response to the ongoing crisis in Ukraine.

Utilising a mixture of interactive video, decision-based scenarios, documentary-style films and written content and quizzes, the new interactive learning project is designed to support experiential learning and promote a grounding in Humanitarian access. 

To Learn more about Near-Life’s services visit their Partner Profile.

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